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How Students Learn

By Joan Rooney, Tutor.com’s Vice President of Instruction The educational world has increasingly looked to neuroscience to expand our knowledge on what actually happens in the brain when students learn. Learning involves growing brain connections. Some key points are: Learners need to be able to connect new information to something they already know. In other […]

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Thanking Our Teachers

The National Education Association summed it up nicely in their #thankateacher sample tweets: “if you can write your name, if you can read, and if you followed your dream, then there is a teacher you can thank.” From the simplest tasks to the most complicated concepts, teachers are there to help us learn.  And often […]

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BYOD Questions to Consider

This piece by Pamela Livingston was originally posted on the blog 1 to 1 Schools. To see the initial post, please click here. Pamela Livingston is the Professional Development Manager on the K-12 Team here at Tutor.com. The buzz in 1-to-1 right now is about BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – and it’s not […]

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