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Stress Relief Games for Teens – and Parents Too!

Oh December, you crazy, amazing month. Sure, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” but when you combine studying for finals, college applications and planning for next semester, then add in schedule stretchers like shopping and parties, you can end up with enough stress to make you burst. Most parents are feeling the pressure […]

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holiday stress

5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Child

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – on that we can all agree. But as exciting as the holidays can be, they can be overwhelming at times too. Here are five situations where your child might need a little help to reduce their holiday stress and stay on the “nice list.” Gift Giving Guidelines: […]

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The S Word: Helping Your Teen Manage their Stress

Is your teen stressing out over homework, quizzes, friends and their wardrobe? I bet they are – a recent study from the American Psychological Association found that teen stress rivals that of adults, particularly during the school year. In one alarming number, teens reported that their stress level during the school year exceeds what they […]

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Helping your student during pre-deployment

In the United States there are approximately two million children that had a parent in either the active or reserve portion of the military stated the 2009 RAND study.  Researchers also found that across all age groups, children of military families had significantly higher levels of emotional difficulties than children in the general population with […]

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Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

You’ve been free of homework, class schedules and teachers for a couple of weeks, so it’s only natural that waking up at the crack of dawn and having to focus all day is a bit of a challenge. With these four tips, you’ll be motivated, focused, and done with those post-holiday blues in no time. […]

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