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Up All Night: 24/7 Student Support Services

Research indicates that there is a powerful correlation between the foundations laid during the first year and long-term success in college.  Not only must schools help students feel comfortable on campus by providing a viable link between high school and college, but they must address academic and social needs in context of student demographics.  As […]

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Librarians can get help from Tutor.com too!

We recently spoke to Britney Bell from Spiro Public Library in Spiro, Oklahoma about her experiences with Tutor.com. Through our conversation, we learned that she had used Tutor.com for her own college courses as well. Here’s what she had to say: My name is Britney Bell and I am the Assistant / Children’s Librarian at […]

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150+ Libraries Broadcast Tutor.com’s Resume Writing Webinar

Last week Tutor.com hosted our first Resume Writing Webinar. Over 150 libraries and an estimated 1,000 library customers participated from around the country. Special thanks to our resume guru, Barbara Safani who runs Career Solvers. Barbara spent an hour sharing key tips to help all different types of job seekers. Read our press announcement for […]

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