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Students Are Ready for More Online Learning

Project Tomorrow’s “Learning in the 21st Century: 2009 Trends Update” reports on a survey of over 335,000 students, teachers, school administrators, and parents. According to the report, 44% of middle and high school students selected “online learning as a technology with the greatest positive impact on learning.”  Some of the top reasons for using an […]

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Why Does Tutor.com Stress One to One Learning?

I have read blogs in which educators make the case that it is perfectly fine for kids in school to fail. After all, the purpose of school is to prepare them for life and life includes failure. I propose a totally different perspective. I think that life sends all of us plenty of opportunities for failure. There is no need to create or stimulate failure experiences for students. The experience of failure in childhood and adolescence can have significant long term effects.

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