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Jennifer W

Mentor of the Month: Jennifer W.

Our Mentor of the Month, Jennifer W. has been a mentor with us for 10 years and a senior mentor for almost 9 years. When Jennifer first started with Tutor.com, there were barely 100 tutors working with us!  Read more about Jennifer below: What keeps you at Tutor.com? Simply, the wonderful people I work with, […]

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Heidi W

Mentor of the Month: Heidi W.

No challenge is too big for our mentor of the month, Heidi W. Aside from working as a Tutor.com mentor and tutor, Heidi has also been a teacher, multi-media business owner, professional photographer, book author and full-time mom. Of all Heidi’s jobs and experiences, she considers Tutor.com her “dream job,” which is so exciting for […]

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Adam R

Mentor of the Month: Adam R

Our tutors love to see their students truly understand the concepts they are being taught during a session.  Our mentor of the month, Adam R. takes great pride in that very moment when his students understand a new concept. Adam also strives to help his students excel by really getting to know what motivates them, […]

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jeremy b

Mentor of the Month: Jeremy B.

Our tutors and mentors often have demanding careers and busy personal lives. However, they always take great pride in helping students who turn to Tutor.com for assistance. Our mentor of the month Jeremy B. has been a tutor with Tutor.com for 10 years aside from being a mentor.  Other than his job at Tutor.com, Jeremy […]

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Mentor of the Month: Kristin P.

With a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies in Business Communications, Kristin P. is well-versed in connecting prior knowledge to new information to learn and retain as much as possible. “Anytime you can connect something you are learning to something you already know, you will remember it better. The multidisciplinary studies program taught me how to connect […]

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Mentor of the Month: Allison S.

Terrific Mentors are a big reason why Tutor.com is the highest-rated tutoring service in the U.S.  This month we had the chance to learn more about Allison S., a teacher, mom and dog lover currently living in Missouri.  After tutoring with us for two years, Allison’s hard work and expertise were put to use as […]

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