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How to Make Math Homework Fun

The real world doesn’t care how many straight A’s you’ve received or quizzes you’ve aced. But, when the day comes for you to manage your money and resources, you’ll be glad you did your math homework. Who knows—you might even find a fabulous career in math. After all, accountants are well-paid, and there’s always a […]

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Using Math to Calculate Baseball Statistics

Every baseball fan is familiar with the statistics of the game. They help us to decide who we are going to draft in our fantasy league, right? But does the average fan know how those stats are calculated? Simple algebraic equations are used when calculating these baseball stats. Check them out: Batting Average Calculation Batting average […]

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Life Without Math? Impossible.

If you’ve ever asked the question “When will I ever use this?” in math class, math might not be your thing. But a life without math is harder to come by then you might think. So when your kids try to avoid taking the next level of math, or downplay the need to get more than […]

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