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Hello, Summer.

Today marks the first day we can officially say, it’s summer! But before we head out to lay by the pool or swim in the ocean, we asked one of our Tutor.com Mentors, Jeremy B., to explain exactly what the summer solstice is and why that kicks off the first day of summer. Learn all […]

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Hitting the Middle School Algebra Wall

The majority of the million online tutoring sessions Tutor.com provides each year are in math and more specifically in algebra. Over the last decade, students take algebra earlier and earlier. Today, we find most middle school students are enrolled in pre-algebra or algebra classes. So we were interested in reviewing a new study from Harvard […]

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Celebrating 25 Years of Math (Week, Month, STEM)!

What is or was your favorite class in school?  Nine times out of ten algebra, physics or calculus isn’t the answer.  For twenty five years the U.S. has been working to change that.  In fact, April is Math Month. Back in 1986 President Ronald Reagan created Mathematics Awareness Week.  The President wanted to acknowledge that while mathematics was increasingly important […]

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