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Digital Learning Day 2013

February 5th is Digital Learning Day – a day that celebrates effectively using technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience and provide opportunities for individualized instruction.  We asked one of our expert instructional math coaches, Ed L., to share a fun lesson idea to celebrate! Check out his suggestions to teach abstract concepts using a free resource that […]

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Top Tips for the Race to the Top-District Competition

By Rachel Vessey Gibson and David DeSchryver, Whiteboard Advisors We see a lot of great ideas and groundbreaking instructional solutions in our role at Whiteboard Advisors, working with education innovators, non-profit organizations, and investors in the education arena. At the same time, we all live in a hurried, multi-tasking culture. It is far too easy […]

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Putting People in Ed Tech

Online tutoring is about people. And the technology is cool too. Education technology has taken on many different forms in the classroom. Over the past year more schools have adopted iPad programs and more teachers have experimented with social media tools to engage their students. Video is taking on a larger role too especially with […]

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Why 1:1:1 Personal Learning Works

If you teach or work in the K-12 environment, you are reading and hearing daily about personalized learning. In a recent T.H.E. Journal article Karen Cator, the United States Department of Education’s director of technology cited personalized learning as one of the five top ed tech trends for 2012. “I’m really excited about the opportunity […]

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How to get “High Flyers” Back on Top

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute grabbed headlines a few weeks back when the organization released a new study that showed that the highest-achieving  or “high flyer” middle school students lose ground in high school. About 30 percent of students who scored in the 90th percentile or higher on a math exam in sixth grade fell […]

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