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Up All Night: 24/7 Student Support Services

Research indicates that there is a powerful correlation between the foundations laid during the first year and long-term success in college.  Not only must schools help students feel comfortable on campus by providing a viable link between high school and college, but they must address academic and social needs in context of student demographics.  As […]

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Will Big Data Increase Retention Rates?

We’ve been making the rounds at tradeshows this month and the hot issue continues to be how to increase student retention and persistence.  Public, private, 2-year and 4-year colleges – everyone is facing this challenge. “Big Data” projects—a catch-all term for leveraging existing data to identify at-risk students and get them the support they need—is […]

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MOOC Madness

We’re just weeks into 2013 and Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs continue to be the hot topic in higher education. A recent New York Times cover story follows the progress of Coursera, Udacity, Udemy and other institutions such as MIT and Harvard that are all spending money to offer free courses. While MOOCs continue […]

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Expanding a Small University’s Offerings

In 2009, Ohio University Lancaster Campus (OUL) set out on a mission. The faculty identified the need to provide tutoring to OUL’s 2,000+ students, but struggled to figure out how to staff such a center. Many of OUL’s students transfer to Ohio University’s main campus after two years, so the students who could potentially be […]

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