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Building a Better Tomorrow with Today’s Teens

We are constantly impressed with the kids we encounter on a day to day basis. Whether they are taking the initiative to figure out tonight’s homework in a Tutor.com session, being awesomely creative by producing mock-movie trailers, or winning awards by bringing us a step closer to curing cancer. They are all inspiring in their […]

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Five Ways Your High School Counselor Can Help You

Vicissitude—have you reviewed that word for SAT prep yet? Vicissitudes are unexpected changes or fluctuations, and a great way to describe life’s ups and downs. For most people, high school is full of vicissitudes. Guidance counselors are there to help you with those ups-and-downs whether academic or social. Your guidance counselor’s job is to help […]

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Healthy Habits to Stay Sharp

FACT: Studies show that eating a balanced breakfast the day of a big test can actually help you score better. But “balanced breakfast” does not mean sugary cereal or a chocolate muffin. The kind of fuel you need for maximum brainpower involves a mix of protein, carbs and fruit. TIP: Don’t have time to whip […]

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