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Poets House Bridge Walk

Poets House held its annual Brooklyn Bridge Poetry Walk (and fundraiser) on Monday.  Lots of fun and a huge success, with over 300 people walking across the bridge, with poetry readings at the start, in the middle of the bridge, and at Fulton Landing in Brooklyn at the end, followed by a dinner at Bubby’s […]

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Most Common English Grammar Mistakes

You want your English essay to stand out for its stellar content and engaging turn of phrase—not for misplaced apostrophes. Here are some common grammatical mistakes to watch out for in your essay: It’s vs. its Use an apostrophe when you are making a contraction out of the word “it” and “is.” A good way […]

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NYT Future of Reading Series

In case you missed it, here’s the New York Times second article in the Future of Reading series. “In Web Age, Library Job gets Update” is a good reminder of how crucial it is to teach kids how to evaluate the information that is now available with the click of a mouse.

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