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What Kind of Poem is in Your Pocket?

Today is Poem in Your Pocket day. A day to keep a poem close to you and celebrate this art form with family, friends or classmates. “What makes something a poem?” you may ask. Poetry is about any topic, takes any shape, and can be of any length. There is classic form, like iambic pentameter […]

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Why I Canceled Cable

Krissie Smith is the lead Sales Director at Tutor.com. While the rest of the office may be chatting about Glee or Top Chef, Krissie tends not to participate. Here, she explains why. I canceled cable about a year and half ago.  I hate the “noise” of television, the flashing, the people screaming at each on […]

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punctuation brain teasers

National Punctuation Day Brain Teaser

After first or second grade, punctuation is not something that most people spend too much time thinking about. But today? Today is National Punctuation Day! When I exclaimed this out loud, the office erupted in excitement. Yes, really. We are people who actually do spend a lot of time thinking about grammar, and we decided […]

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“Summer” Summer Reading List

There are lots of great recommendations for summer reading lists (including ALA’s Top 100 Super Summer Reads for Teens) and we are always looking for a great book for the beach, long car rides (if someone else is driving, of course!) and just sitting outside with some lemonade and SPF 50. Sometimes you need not […]

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