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How to Pay for College

Q: How can I get the money I need for college? A: The typical college graduate leaves school at the end of four years with an average loan debt of $20,000. But the landscape has changed. Many credit companies are gone or have tightened their credit and increased their rates dramatically. Some of the largest […]

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Make Your Summer Job Count

Need a little extra cash? Want to get a jump on a career? It’s summer job time, and what you do over your break matters. But it can be tough to figure out what kind of job to look for, much less how to land one that pays well and gives you a leg up. […]

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Beyond Babysitting: Job Opportunities for Teens

Everyone has to start somewhere, even a genius like Albert Einstein—he was a patent clerk, evaluating other people’s inventions, when he published his Annus Mirabilis papers and helped bring physics into the 20th Century. Your local patent office probably isn’t hiring, but if you’re ready to break free from the babysitting grind, there are lots […]

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