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Tutor.com Reads: Divergent

Sometimes you just have to see what all the fuss is about. After an unsuccessful attempt to step away from our post-apocalyptic genre choices, we were sucked back in for our September pick with the massive YA hit Divergent by Veronica Roth. Divergent takes place sometime in the future in what seems to be the […]

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Tutor.com Reads: Wool Omnibus

For this month’s Tutor.com Reads post, book club veteran Jake Ramsey, Tutor.com Product Manager, reviews our May pick.  If you’ve been following our book club recently, you may have picked up on our preference for a certain kind of book – one part sci-fi, one part mystery, and just a pinch of end-of-the-world dystopia thrown […]

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Tutor.com Reads: The Dog Stars

There are some books that do nothing more than share a moment in time. Rather than devote pages to character descriptions and back stories, they instead focus on the experiences of the present. This was precisely the premise of our latest read, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller, yet we didn’t even realize it until […]

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Tutor.com Reads: Mary Doria Russell

It’s a Tutor.com Reads first! We loved The Sparrow  by Mary Doria Russell so much that we decided our next pick should be its sequel, Children of God. We just finished up discussing both of the novels after getting hooked on tales of Rakhat for two months and with debates on religion vs. atheism, good vs. evil, […]

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Tutor.com Reads: The Folk of the Air

Would you LARP? Participate in a live action role-playing game, that is. That question took center stage during our latest book club meeting. This month we read The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle, author of the acclaimed book, The Last Unicorn. The Folk of the Air follows the return home of Joe […]

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