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Three Homework Station Tips

Prompting your teen to  sit down to study is only half the equation – the other half is getting them to stay there. Check out our top three tips that make a homework station work—even for your hard-to-please tween or teen. The right study space: When your kids were younger, they might have parked at the […]

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School Organization Tips for Every Personality

Which Organizing Personality Best Describes You? Everyone organizes themselves a little differently – and not every system works for every student.  Here’s the types of organizing personalities we see and  for parents we have added  school organization tips that will help you keep track of your child’s work during back-to-school and beyond! The  Separator: Each class […]

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Get Your Brain in Shape for Back to School

Quick—what’s four times nine, plus two, minus seven?  Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?  Which molecule is required for photosynthesis? You’ve got five seconds.  Four, three, two, one.  OK, time’s up. If you said “31,” “Thomas Jefferson,” and “chlorophyll,” congratulations.  Despite the long summer break, your brain appears to be in tip-top shape.  But if […]

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