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brain food

Brain Food to Eat Before the AP Exam

If your child is getting ready for an AP® exam (given the weeks of May 5-9 and May 12-16), the best thing you can do is help them eat right before the test.  There have been many studies done on brain food  and how the combination of protein, carbohydrate and fiber can keep the body […]

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common core testing

Common Core Testing: What you need to know

Each school year there are four seasons: Back to school, holiday, how long until spring break and testing.  Guess which kids dread most? Testing – both the standardized tests and end-of-year exams are tough on kids and moms and dads.  This year, parents are telling us the testing anxiety is even more intense as schools […]

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Ten Tips to Stop Homework Distractions

“Where’s my calculator for my math homework?” “OMG, he took a selfie of his promposal? Lame.” “Wait a second, here’s a new BuzzFeed Quiz! Am I “basic?” No way!” Can you imagine how hard it would be to focus on studying with all this going on? But for the average teen, this is how they spend […]

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Save Your Grade with an Online Tutor

It’s crunch time for middle and high school students – AP Exams, the ACT, SAT Subject tests, finals, papers. This is when the rubber meets the road, so to speak. If your child is worrying about a grade in a specific class or stressed about an upcoming test, now is the time to take action. […]

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domestic sciences class

How To Pick the Right High School Classes

The end of the school year can be very stressful. Final projects are due, there are exams to study for and on top of all this many schools ask kids to select next year’s courses.  It’s easy to rush through class selection, but believe me you need to take your time and help your child […]

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spanish tutors

Spanish Homework? No Hay Problema with!

Hablas español? I can do pretty well conversationally, but I have found that I don’t remember enough about complicated verb tenses or reflexive and relative pronouns to make me a very helpful compadre for Spanish homework. That’s why I was muy feliz that is now offering online tutoring help in Spanish, and I suspect […]

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