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20 Back to School Night Ideas For High School Parents

Remember when back to school night involved folding yourself into one of those tiny little desks and listening to the teacher go on about appropriate snacks? It seemed so monumental then, and rarely did a parent miss it. As your child travels through high school, I urge you to treat back to school night with the […]

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Score Higher on the ACT with these 7 Test Preparation Tips

Testing season can be incredibly stressful for everyone involved, but being prepared before the test can make “T- day” as smooth as possible and  even help you boost your score.  If you are taking the ACT this Saturday, here are seven last-minute test preparation tips for earning your best score. Get a good night’s sleep. You […]

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Seven Homework Apps that Make the Grade

We are thrilled that the Today Show selected as a Top 5 Education app this week!  And yes, Kathie Lee, those are real tutors!  While we love the apps the Today Show selected, many were for the elementary school set and we know our parents are looking for solutions for middle and high school students. […]

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