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PSAT Scores

What Your PSAT Scores Mean

The PSAT test is more important than most people think – most notably, it is how National Merit Scholars are determined. But it has another important purpose – and that is to help kids see how they will do on the SAT – and what they need to focus on to improve their score. Your […]

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Three Reasons the PSAT Matters

On October 15 and 18, high school students across the country will be sitting for the PSAT. Many people consider it a “practice test” since colleges won’t consider your PSAT scores for admission and don’t spend much time worrying about it. But the PSAT counts for more than you would think. Here are three major […]

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The Only SAT Strategy You Need

The SAT is coming…and we often hear the same questions from parents about what the best SAT strategy is. We thought we’d do a quick FAQ to give you the 411 on the SAT – stat. How do I prepare for the SAT? We’ve got you covered on this one – our tutors are ready […]

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Five Ways Parents Add to Test Stress

Is your kid under pressure? Let me answer that for you…yes! With fall comes test season and test stress. Kids feel an enormous amount of pressure to do well on their standardized tests. And it’s warranted – a high test score can make the difference between them getting into their top-choice school or not and even […]

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Nine Things You Should NEVER Do on Test Day

Ready for test day? Preparation is critical to a great score but even the best prep can go awry if you fall into one of these test traps. Sail through your test season by knowing these 9 things to never do: Be late. Pack everything you can the night before test day, triple-check your alarm […]

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