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What To Expect After You Hit Submit

College applications  are in for the 2014/15 school year.  So what happens after you push the submit button? Well, it can be complicated, but at most colleges applications are read by a committee, evaluated and given points for each part of the application. Many universities report spending about 30 minutes or more on each application. […]

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The 411 on Financial Aid

We all hope our kids get into a top-notch college. But then we panic, realizing that if they do, we will never be able to afford it. The price tag of colleges can seem so daunting, so take-your-breath-away high, that it can make you wonder if the only people who can afford it are the […]

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Richard Sherman’s Plan B

Are you raising the next Richard Sherman? I don’t just mean the Richard Sherman who ignited social media networks with his post-game interview last week. I mean a professional football player who graduated second in his class, with a 4.2 GPA, from a school district in Compton, Calif., where only 57 percent of the students […]

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