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stress relief games

Stress Relief Games for Teens – and Parents Too!

Oh December, you crazy, amazing month. Sure, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” but when you combine studying for finals, college applications and planning for next semester, then add in schedule stretchers like shopping and parties, you can end up with enough stress to make you burst. Most parents are feeling the pressure […]

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Making the Most of Holiday Time as a Family

The holidays bring out the kid in all of us – even when your kids can hardly be considered “kids” anymore. And in lots of ways, the holiday time is easier these days. You don’t have to move that crazy Elf off his shelf; bribe anyone to smile for the holiday card; wait in line to see […]

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holiday stress

5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Child

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – on that we can all agree. But as exciting as the holidays can be, they can be overwhelming at times too. Here are five situations where your child might need a little help to reduce their holiday stress and stay on the “nice list.” Gift Giving Guidelines: […]

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extracurricular activities

Finding a Balance with Extracurricular Activities

“I’m so busy!” That seems to be the rallying cry of high school kids everywhere. And while most of them have the stress and impeccable resume to show for it, there are also those who aren’t busy enough. Here’s how to tell if your teen took on too many or too few extracurricular activities this year […]

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family breakfast

An Argument for Family Breakfast

Family dinner is the “holy grail” of together time. Multiple studies have linked it to a variety of benefits including, better grades, less bullying, better mental health, more healthful eating, less chance of substance abuse and more. So to say it’s not necessary for healthy family life seems blasphemous! And in fact, I’m not recommending you forgo the […]

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