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extracurricular activities

Finding a Balance with Extracurricular Activities

“I’m so busy!” That seems to be the rallying cry of high school kids everywhere. And while most of them have the stress and impeccable resume to show for it, there are also those who aren’t busy enough. Here’s how to tell if your teen took on too many or too few extracurricular activities this year […]

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family breakfast

An Argument for Family Breakfast

Family dinner is the “holy grail” of together time. Multiple studies have linked it to a variety of benefits including, better grades, less bullying, better mental health, more healthful eating, less chance of substance abuse and more. So to say it’s not necessary for healthy family life seems blasphemous! And in fact, I’m not recommending you forgo the […]

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10 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Teen

As parents, we sometimes complain about our teens: they can be sullen and self-centered and cheeky. But they’re also spirited and funny and creative! Here are 10 reasons to be extra thankful for your teen on Thanksgiving –and all year! They can run your errands once they reach a certain age. Need more butter for […]

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Nonfiction – The Reality TV of Reading

Teen girls typically LOVE reality TV – so why don’t they love reality reading? A new report, “What Kids Are Reading,” found that girls at all grade levels devote less of their reading time to nonfiction compared to boys. That’s surprising because girls are traditionally considered the bigger readers. And they are, in general. The […]

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Five Ways to Avoid a Poor Report Card

2014 is winding down – and so is the first semester. Now’s the time to check into grades to make sure you end the semester where you want to be – and take action now if you need to course correct. Here are five action steps to take now. 1. Check your online marks. You […]

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