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Kristy Albright Joins

We are excited to welcome Kristy Albright to the for Military Families team as a part-time Outreach Coordinator in Ansbach, Germany! The move to Europe has been recent, with Kristy’s husband recently transitioning into Army Aviation. Germany is truly a unique place, where weekend trips can transport you to medieval villages, cities re-built over […]

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favorite tutor sweepstakes week 7

Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 7 Winner

A little kindness goes a long way. When a 9th grade Wisconsin Army National Guard student was struggling with Algebra, he was able to log on to for US Military Families, connect with Rebeca M. and get the help he needed from a “super kind and helpful” tutor. Learn more about our latest Favorite Tutor […]

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favorite tutor winner week 6

Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 6 Winner

Most of our tutors will tell you that their favorite thing about tutoring is helping students reach that “ah-ha” moment — the instant when the student finally figures it all out and the concepts are clear. Recently, Amanda had a session with her favorite tutor, Carrie W., to get help with Algebra II homework.  Amanda […]

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favorite tutor sweepstakes week 5

Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 5 Winner

When you work hard, it pays off. That’s one lesson TaTiyanna B. has taken away from for US Military Families. Her sessions with her favorite tutor, Eric E., have helped her improve her grades and better understand the material. Read below to learn a little more about both TaTiyanna and Eric, the latest winners […]

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favorite tutor sweepstakes week 4

Favorite Tutor Sweepstakes: Week 4 Winner

You don’t often hear physics described as “easy”, but after getting help from her favorite tutor, Caitlin K. did just that. Working with tutor, Farrooh F., Caitlin is able to break down problems into manageable steps and build her confidence as she correctly moves through the problem. Caitlin attributes her 100 in Accelerated Physics to […]

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