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Relocating With High School Students

Article by Katherine L. Cohen, PhD, Founder and CEO of IvyWise, LLC and High school is hard enough—for both students and parents—without all of the challenges of moving. Still, relocating, whether due to a new job or for personal reasons, is sometimes unavoidable. While my first piece of advice to relocating families with students […]

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Planning College Campus Visits

Alright, you’ve decided which colleges will have the pleasure of reviewing your application…now what? Before you go all in and submit the application, it’s a good idea to visit and take a tour of the colleges that seem appealing to you on paper. Going to visit a college is a crucial part of the application […]

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Parents: Achieve Some PEACE of Mind

Article by Dr. Kat Cohen, Founder and CEO of Not to oversimplify the matter, but PEACE is the process during which your child starts the college search and application process. While one may take this aptly-named acronym literally, we have a few more tips that should serve as a guide while navigating your son […]

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