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Do I Really Need Math?

So your math teacher has superpowers. He or she has the rare ability to turn even the most exciting of subjects into dry intellectual jabber! In fact, you haven’t been this bored since you waited in line at the DMV. If math class is putting you to sleep, there are a few things you can […]

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Healthy Habits to Stay Sharp

FACT: Studies show that eating a balanced breakfast the day of a big test can actually help you score better. But “balanced breakfast” does not mean sugary cereal or a chocolate muffin. The kind of fuel you need for maximum brainpower involves a mix of protein, carbs and fruit. TIP: Don’t have time to whip […]

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Make Your High School Summer Productive

Article by Rod Bugarin, advisor and former Ivy League Admissions and Financial Aid Officer As the school year ends, high school students are no doubt looking forward to enjoying their much needed summer breaks. For many, though, summer dreams include earning money. This is great news for parents, most of whom support the opportunity […]

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Colleges On the Rise

There is a definite hierarchy to America’s universities. It’s a pecking order where only a handful of “elite” schools lead the pack in being the most selective, having top faculty, large financial resources and pristine campus facilities. While this hierarchy has, to some extent, remained fairly stable over the last century, there have been a […]

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