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I get giddy when book club day rolls around at I can’t wait to dissect the characters, debate the cause and effect of the book’s events, and best of all, hear how my fellow book clubbers would make the book better. (Yes, we’re quite a group of voracious, opinionated readers.) But, this month I […]

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My first introduction to book clubs was in sixth grade. A group of us were selected for the Junior Great Books program. Every Tuesday we sat in chairs in the hallway and discussed a story. Through the program I was introduced to Ray Bradbury and “All Summer in a Day”, Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and many other short stories. We sat in our circle and simply talked.

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Noah (Age 10) watches shuttle Atlantis launch

At 11 AM on May 11th, my Grandpa and I pulled up to a parking lot in Florida to watch the space shuttle Atlantis lift off from Kennedy Space Center. It was not too cool on this 95 degree day! There were other people gathered there, and we all shared our binoculars and camera equipment and ice from our coolers while we waited. It was a very interesting group and people were definitely excited!

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Helping Teens find Summer Jobs

Last week sent a newsletter to students who use our consumer service and the most popular article was“Beyond Babysitting: Job Opportunties for Teens”. In fact, it was our most popular newsletter item ever. So I decided to do some Google searching to find out how hot an issue summer jobs for teens is right now. My search found over 1,000 recent articles about this very topic. While most of us are focused on the terrible economy and how it’s affecting adults, it’s easy to forget that thousands of teens are also job searching.

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Why Does Stress One to One Learning?

I have read blogs in which educators make the case that it is perfectly fine for kids in school to fail. After all, the purpose of school is to prepare them for life and life includes failure. I propose a totally different perspective. I think that life sends all of us plenty of opportunities for failure. There is no need to create or stimulate failure experiences for students. The experience of failure in childhood and adolescence can have significant long term effects.

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