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How We Use the Library – August 7, 2009

Advocating for public libraries is an important part of what we do at In these difficult times, libraries have to spend their valuable resources demonstrating the value they bring to their communities. We want to help you get the word out. Here’s a special “all tutor” edition of how we’ve been using our public libraries!

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Bone Marrow Transplant Patient Delivered Safely

Last week we shared what our Senior VP of Corporate Development/General Counsel does in his spare time, and how he prepared for his latest Angel Flight. This week, Bart tells us how it went. This week’s Angel Flight was a wonderful experience. After much pre-flight planning and preparation I departed early in the morning for […]

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Our monthly Book Club convened yesterday to discuss China Miéville’s new novel, The City & The City.  It’s a detective story set in Beszél and Ul Qoma, two fictional, Eastern European city-states that exist in the same physical space, but whose inhabitants are careful only to interact with their fellow citizens.  That means, for starters, […]

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