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How Class Schedules Can Impact Your Grades

Can class schedules make a difference in your grades? We’re not talking about the classes themselves, because we already know the many benefits of a balanced work load. What we mean is the actual physical schedule and how your classes are lined up. As you take a look at your course load for the upcoming […]

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Nine Manageable Ways to Conquer Midterms

Are you in the throes of midterms right now? Perhaps rejoicing at a job well done or fretting that there is some major ground to make up? Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up nine simple strategies for beating Midterm Mania. Talk to the teacher: This should be your first stop. Is there a review packet coming […]

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don't break the chain

Work Efficiently with the Don’t Break the Chain Technique

This is the second part of a series where we’ll offer a new productivity hack each week to help you do your homework more efficiently. Check out our first post on the Pomodoro Technique here. This week we explore: Don’t Break the Chain, otherwise known as The Seinfeld Technique. What it is: Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is not […]

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Four Tricks to Getting More Sleep – and Better Grades

Teens across the board are not getting enough sleep. Some of that is due to school schedules, with school starting too early or homework going too late. But once they actually head to bed, many teens have trouble falling or staying asleep. That’s where a routine can come in handy. When your kids were little, […]

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pomodoro technique

Getting Homework Done with the Pomodoro Technique

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to be more efficient with your time? It’s a common one, and so we thought we’d kick off the year with Productivity Monday, offering a new productivity hack each week to help you do your homework more efficiently.  This week we explore: The Pomodoro Technique. What it is: The […]

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