Introducing New Classroom Features!

September is an exciting month at as we launch the latest round of new features in our interactive Online Classroom. Just in time for classwork to start picking up, we have added three new tools for students in relevant subjects:

Two-Way Interactive Graphing Calculator

For higher education, library, and military programs: Allows math students and their tutors to construct and graph complex mathematical expressions. Students can enter expressions on their physical keyboard, or use an on-screen keyboard and a mouse. Watch a video walk-through.


Two-Way Interactive Text Editor

For higher education, library, and military programs: Allows writing/English students and tutors to compose text together or paste text from outside sources (e.g., Google Drive), while seeing in real-time each other’s typing and text formatting. Watch a video walk-through.



Two-Way Interactive Code Editor

For higher education programs: Allows computer programming students and their tutors to write code together in a variety of computer science languages, including HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Java, C#, XML, and SQL.  Based on the student’s selected language, relevant portions of the code are automatically highlighted and indented for clarity. Watch a video walk-through.



All two-way editor activity is archived in a student’s account, and may be reviewed or replayed after a session by the student or an authorized administrator.

In addition to these new interactive tools, will be rolling out the use of audio chat to some of’s institutional partners. Students using through library, school, college or university programs will all soon have the option to use audio chat during their tutoring sessions or can continue to use text based chat. Our goal is to provide options so that students can choose the best medium for their learning needs. Watch a video walk-through of this feature. looks forward to helping students achieve their academic goals all year. Stay tuned for news of more enhancements throughout the fall. Happy learning!

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