Student Success Story: How Helped a Full-time Working Mother and Student

In addition to her full-time job and responsibilities as a mother of two, Dae Howard is an Organizational Leadership major. For Dae, offered the right combination of flexibility and academic assistance that she needed to fit into her busy life.Dae When did you first use

Dae: The first time I used it was for English Composition. It had a couple of writing assignments that I wasn’t accustomed to. The first time I used the service I had my hour lunch, and I was trying to eat but I also had this paper. I was getting stuck and it was in my syllabus that we had this service. I remembered seeing it, and I went and I clicked on the link. I just went in and it was fast. What was your experience like?

Dae: A chat box popped up and they were ready to get to work. I uploaded what I had and told the person what I was working on. She helped me really get a clear thesis statement. Then from there, she helped me write an outline because I had some major things I knew I wanted to touch on, and the paper had outline guidelines. She helped me tie in what I was thinking with the guidelines. Each time I’ve used it, it has helped me know how to go in prepared because time is my concern, not theirs. What do you like about

Dae: One of the things I will say about is it really is a tutoring service. Going in and having them consistently start you in the same place with a paper and say, “This is what you need and this is what you should do. This is what we’re going to do.” It really helps me without the service slow down. “Okay, what are my first steps? What do I need? What does the paper need? What is the assignment asking?” Sounds obvious, right? But when you’re busy and you’re just trying to get stuff done, you’re just trying to get stuff done. I feel like I got better from using [], not just that it helped me complete my assignments. What would you tell other students about

Dae: I think one thing is convenience. It’s around the clock so you can go on when you need to for how long you need to. I’ve gone on for 20 minutes at a time on my lunch break in the place down the street from my job. You don’t always know what you need and when you’re going to need it, but having anything that’s flexible, that’s why it’s going to be good for anybody because it can meet their needs.


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