Military Family Finds the Math Solution They Needed with

Allen and his daughter learned about and used when it was available at no cost to part-time/traditional drilling Reserve and National Guard service members and their families through funding from the Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. The YRRP funding ended July 31, 2016.

Dr. Allen Gray is a Major in the Army Reserve and a high school principal in Georgia. He has three graychildren: two in college and a seventh-grade daughter, Ashley. When Ashley started middle school, MAJ Gray was surprised by how hard math had become for her. After trying everything to help, MAJ Gray received an email from his supervisor about He said finding out about the service was “a life-changing event at my house.” He has become such a big supporter of the program that he is working to find funding for his high school to offer to his entire student body. Can you tell us about how you learned about for U.S. Military Families and your experience?

Allen: When I would get home from work, my daughter Ashley would need help with her homework. I was struggling with the new math they were learning because it was so different from how I learned it. I tried to help her and I couldn’t. We tried YouTube, we asked the teachers for videos and examples, and I still could not help her. It was becoming such a stress point that I would stall going home in the hopes that homework would already be done by the time I got there!

Finally, my supervisor emailed our unit that was an available service for eligible military families. My daughter and I logged on and tried it, and now she goes on it and works by herself. She is currently making A’s in math, and the subject is no longer the stress point it was in our lives—and it’s directly because of What do you like best about’s services? What was the factor that made you want to get this program into your own school?

Allen: The tutors, besides being polite and encouraging, don’t just give you the answer. That is so important to me as an educator. Some sites my daughter and I were trying to use would just give you the answer with the steps. is not like that at all. They are live tutors that prompt you and facilitate the whole session so the kids are learning and discovering the answers with just a little bit of pushing from the tutor. It’s like having a teacher at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a support system for the kids to have whenever they need it. What would you tell other military service members and their families about

Allen: I tell everybody that will listen in my unit about this service! I say, “Just try it.” I guarantee if you try it, it will answer all of your questions about the program. You are able to provide both the military and education perspectives here. As an educator, why has this service become so important to you?

Allen: I’m passionate about education. I have seen services and apps [for education] come and go, but is the real deal. The tutors are what make the difference; they are so nice. They are so encouraging when a student is struggling. My daughter will run into the room and say, “My tutor said I did great!” Now, when I come home, homework is done and my daughter is happy. for U.S. Military Families is funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) MWR Library Program, the DoD Navy General Library Program, the DoD Voluntary Education Program and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA). To learn more and see if you are eligible for free online tutoring, visit
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