Coast Guard Couple Both Use to Pursue Degrees met Andy J. at a Coast Guard education fair when he noticed our table and said to his colleagues, “I love!” Andy, a Coast Guard service member for nine years, is a petty officer second class stationed in North Carolina. He is pCG Success Storyursuing his bachelor’s degree in industrial distribution and logistics at Eastern Carolina University. Andy’s wife, Kimberly, is going to school to become a registered dietitian. As she gears up for more in-depth science and math classes, Andy and Kimberly plan on being long-term users of Why did you decide to pursue a college degree while serving in the Coast Guard full time?

Andy: I realized that it would be beneficial for me to go to school since it is paid for in the military. In addition, I was encouraged by senior leadership to consider going to college to advance my skillset and experience both in and out of the military. I also noticed that taking classes helped me in many areas of work overall, particularly in my communication skills. What are the challenges of going back to school and being in the military at the same time? How did help you with this?

Andy: It is hard to find a balance between work, school and home life. helped me save a lot of time. I didn’t have to stay late to tutor with someone or spend hours on my own trying to solve problems. I could be in my house—at home with my wife—and still be able to get a tutor and complete my assignments. It provided more stability; especially with already being away from home so much for work and class. How did you hear about, and how long have you been using it?

Andy: My Education Services Officer (ESO) told me about when I started taking harder classes. I used the program for the last two years of school, and now my wife is using it to help her work toward her bachelor’s degree. What did you use for?

Andy: I primarily used the program for algebra and trigonometry; it’s what got me over the hump! Whenever I had downtime, I would pull up the mobile app to work on a problem or just get a refresh. I also used the proofreading feature to get feedback on my resume. What did you like best about

Andy: The quick response! The tutors dive into the problem very quickly. Within a minute, I was logged on and figuring out the problem with my tutor. If I didn’t have this service, I would more than likely have had to pay for a tutor out of pocket or go without one. What would you tell other military service members and their families about this benefit?

Andy: If you are in college or thinking about starting classes, use to its fullest, because we get to use it for free! It is a great service; the tutors are really nice and won’t stop until they help you. What would you say to those who make funding decisions about the program?

Andy: This is a worthwhile benefit. When service members are hesitant to go to college because of the workload, it would be encouraging to know about, and that there is support. They are actually bringing more to the table at work as they can directly apply what they are learning in school to their job. Further, having so easily available online allows service members access to help anywhere, anytime. for U.S. Military Families is funded by the Department of Defense (DoD) MWR Library Program, the DoD Navy General Library Program, the DoD Voluntary Education Program and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA).To learn more and see if you are eligible for free online tutoring, visit
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