Visiting Our Clients

This September, Client Services Manager, Jerin Jones, hit the road with colleague Alicia Conley to visit clients in the great states of Texas and Oklahoma! Five days on the road gave Jerin the opportunity to get up close and personal with clients, old and new, to talk about student success and what’s in store for the year ahead.

First stop on the journey was Western Oklahoma State College. Located in Altus, Oklahoma, WOSC is one of’s longest standing clients in higher education. Jerin and the Student Support Services team discussed goals for the 2016-2017 year and took some guesses on who would make it to the World Series.

Following the warm-up in Oklahoma, Jerin was ready to get down to Texas. She met with two brand new clients that joined the line-up in the summer of 2016: Weatherford College and North Central Texas College. Both Weatherford and NCTC are experiencing their first fall offering, and discussions with them revolved around how best to leverage online tutoring services in the first year. With strong faculty engagement and dedicated work by both teams, it is no surprise that these new programs are off to a great start this fall.

Jerin with WOSC team

Jerin with WOSC team

Next it was time to see a few of our program vets. Many of our Texas Schools have been partners for years, and these visits are a reunion of sorts. Jerin had a candid conversation about the quality of tutoring and writing support with the program team at Concordia University Texas, located on a beautiful tree-lined nature reserve. Next up, Jerin met with a couple of seasoned program teams that included a few new faces at University of Mary Hardin-Baylor and Navarro College. For both these visits, the topic du jour was strategies to incorporate into the comprehensive support services for all students. Conversations focused on the introduction of our diagnostic quizzes to programs and determining how could be incorporated in the students’ experience inside on-ground tutoring centers.

North Central Texas team

The North Central Texas team

Rounding out the Texas travels, one of Jerin’s last stops was to Texas A&M University-Central Texas in Killeen. There Jerin and the team discussed some common themes Texas programs share with regards to their service. A discussion on how to bring those common themes into a larger audience arose: what would happen if we brought all of the Texas-based partners together to discuss in an open forum the successes and challenges of student success and student support? And as a result, is working with TAMUCT to organize our first ever state-wide client engagement event—scheduled for February 2017.

Getting on the road to see our clients is important to our Client Service Managers because they get the chance to meet face-to-face with the program teams that put in the day-to-day effort to ensure their programs are successful and their students are supported. The Client Services Team visits schools throughout the school year to host trainings and meet with leadership, students, and staff to get a more comprehensive view of what student success really looks like in action.

Interested in a visit? Email your Client Services Manager to see the next time they will be in your state!

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