Tutor of the Month: Nancy C

Writing can be a challenge, but luckily our tutor of the month, Nancy C., has been teaching English, ESL, and literature courses for over 20 years. Nancy has worked a variety of jobs in my life, but her Nancy's photofavorite has always been teaching. In between teaching, Nancy also worked in senior services, wrote grants and public relations material for a non-profit, managed a church-owned cemetery, and created and ran a county volunteer center. Nancy has been married for nearly 50 years and has two children and two grandchildren. Learn more about Nancy below.

How did you learn about Tutor.com?

After finally retiring from my last part-time teaching position, I found in a newspaper article the perfect answer to my dilemma of what to do next: Tutor.com! The hours are flexible, there is no commute, and it fills my need to continue guiding people through the intricacies of the English language. The challenge of adapting quickly to each student’s needs and content keeps my mind active, and those ah-ha moments, when they come, keep me coming back for more! I have been working for Tutor.com for a year and a half, and my subjects are English and college essay writing.

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

Equally as important as explaining the content of our particular fields is convincing students that they can understand and that they can learn. Too many of them have been discouraged by negative comments from teachers and fellow students. As tutors, we can bolster their confidence through positive feedback and give them the incentive to keep trying. That’s why the personal one-on-one contact is so important.

What’s your best study tip?

If students ask for help with an assignment but haven’t even bothered to look up key words in the instructions or in the reading material, then it takes us that much longer to get to the meat of the problem and time may run out before we have even started. So that’s my study tip for students: Use a good dictionary to look up any unfamiliar words before you even begin an assignment or seek help from a tutor!


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