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In his book Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcolm Gladwell argues that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a true expert in any field. By that standard, our tutors – who have logged more than five million hours helping students succeed in their toughest courses – are student-success experts many times over, with valuable knowledge about the challenges facing each learner they help. With, you can tap this knowledge through our Predictive Insights Data Analysis™ platform, using it to add value across your student-success ecosystem. To find out how, just keep reading.

What is Predictive Insights? How does it work?Predictive Insights Graph

We built the Predictive Insights platform to help our partner schools identify students who may need extra help to persist through key courses, so they can intervene with them in time to make a difference. To identify these students, our tutors complete a unique diagnostic survey at the end of every live engagement, including an assessment of the specific topic and subtopic where the student was seeking help, the level of prerequisite knowledge the student demonstrated during the session, and the student’s level of achieved concept mastery. When a student lacks prerequisite knowledge and doesn’t reach mastery, we flag that student for a Predictive Insights Early Alert, indicating that he or she may need additional assistance in a targeted subject area from an instructor, counselor, or success coach.

How do I know which of my students were flagged for Early Alerts?

Early Alert data is available any time through the on-demand reports in the Client Portal, making it easy to see which students may need additional assistance. Real-time email notifications are also available to help schools follow up even faster. Regardless of how our partners access Predictive Insights, every Early Alert includes the date and time of the flagged session, the specific topic and subtopic where the student needs more help, and even a link to the session transcript – helping persistence and retention teams deliver fast, targeted interventions to the students who need it most.

What’s new for Predictive Insights?

Beginning this Spring, we’ll be introducing new Early Alerts to help schools learn even more about where their students are struggling, including flags for unusually long sessions or students who connect again and again for help in the same subject area. Best of all, we’ll be making it easier than ever to put actionable data on student challenges in the right hands to ensure student success, with Early Alert subscriptions and dynamic dashboards for instructors, deans, and retention departments.

To learn more about Predictive Insights, email or call 800-411-1970, and select option 4, to schedule a live demo.



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