Mentor of the Month: Alex D.

Mentor of the Month - Alex D. mentors are passionate individuals who want to help their team of tutors improve, and help students succeed. Our Mentor of the Month Alex D. has been working with us for a little over two years now. Aside from being one of our mentors, he is also a middle school and high school Latin teacher. Read more about Alex D. below!

What is your favorite part of mentoring?

I like watching my team members grow in confidence with guidance and practice, and I like knowing that all improvements tutors make ultimately benefit the students.

Do you have any funny or touching stories?

I remember working with a student with whom several previous tutors had difficulty. At first, the student mildly fooled around by doing such things as repeatedly changing the appearance of his avatar rather than answering questions, but I was quickly able to connect with the student and get him to actively participate in the session. I am not even sure that any particular thing I did was ultimately what helped the student. For whatever reason, our personalities meshed, and he really gave the session his all. This experience reminded me that we are all part of a large tutoring team at, and no one tutor is perfect for every student.

Do you think a one-to-one connection is important to learning?

Yes, I think a one-to-one connection is important to learning in general, and I think it is particularly important in tutoring since students who request tutoring often lack confidence in their studies and need a trusted adult who can build up their confidence.

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