Tutor of the Month: Zlatomira A.

ZlatomiraOur tutor of the month, Zlatomira A., has been tutoring Algebra II and Trigonometry with Tutor.com for almost a year. Zlatomira has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Saint Louis University, and intends to obtain her Ph.D. next year. Read more about Zlatomira below:

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

My favorite thing about tutoring is being able to promote confidence, independence, self-motivation and curiosity in mathematics for my students. I achieve that by striving to create a patient and nurturing environment with lots of encouraging words because so many students feel defeated by math. That one-to-one connection that I am able to build with a student truly aids learning because we work on problems as a team, rather than me lecturing to him or her.

Why do you Tutor with Tutor.com? What makes you stay?

I love the flexibility and the many resources which help us grow as tutors. I am especially grateful to my mentor Jenn F., who has been incredibly supporting and an invaluable source of knowledge and experience.

What’s your best homework or study tip?

I always tell my students that learning mathematics is like learning to drive a car or learning a language. You constantly have to practice to grow your skills. If students do not feel confident in their math knowledge, it means they need to apply it more. So, my best study tip is to do more practice problems outside of what was assigned for homework.

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  1. Lauren June 15, 2015 at 5:02 PM #

    I loved reading about your favorite parts of tutoring. It is obvious that you are compassionate about your job and students. I’m sure you have made a difference in many students’ lives. Thanks for sharing!

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