Tutor of the Month: Joelle K.

Joelle K.Our tutors are not only great at helping students, but also have well-rounded careers! Our tutor of the month, Joelle K. works for a magazine company that partners with non-profits to assist them with fundraising. Joelle K. also does freelance fundraising work and grant writing. Aside from her busy career, she tutors students in college level Essay Writing and French! Read more about Joelle below:

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

My favorite part of tutoring is having those moments when you realize how valuable tutoring is. A lot of students don’t necessarily understand everything that they learn in class, and the one on one interaction is so important in breaking down concepts and presenting them in a way that’s easily understood. Those ‘a-ha’ moments of understanding are what make it worth it!

 Do you have any funny or touching Tutor.com stories?

The students I work with make me laugh all the time, but I think the most touching moment was having a student I worked with a month prior connect with me again and tell me that she got an A on her last assignment we worked on together. She definitely did a lot of work to make that happen, but it was great to know that the feedback I gave her really made a difference.

 Do you think a one-to-one connection is important to learning?

Oh yes! It’s honestly amazing to see how much more students end up understanding and retaining from a tutor being able to put a concept in words or images that they will better understand.

 Why do you tutor with Tutor.com? What makes you stay?

I’ve explored a lot of other tutoring websites, and Tutor.com is simply the best because everything is set up so that the tutors have the resources they need to succeed between resources that are provided and a helpful mentoring program. I also love the on-demand interface and the fact that I have the flexibility to tutor in my spare time. It is far less stressful and a lot more fun that way!

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