Why Every Junior Should be Taking the SAT in March

taking the sat in marchWe are just one week away from the deadline to sign up for the March SAT (register by Feb. 13). Even though you might be tempted to wait until the fall, it’s wise to  take the test sooner than later. Taking the SAT in March lets you stay ahead of the game. Here’s why:

Your PSAT Road Map

Every high school student should take the PSAT. One key reason why? The data they give you when you get your PSAT scores. Taking the SAT in March, right after you receive your scores will help guide you on where you need to focus your prep. You’ll also be more comfortable with the test taking format since you just took one a few months earlier!

Plotting your SAT Strategy

The actual test day can be very different than what you anticipate. Perhaps time is flying by or you’re getting easily distracted by the students around you. That’s why it is a good idea to plan ahead. Taking the SAT in March allows you to have a backup plan in the fall. If you don’t get the score you want or just want to try again, you’ll have those fall dates to take advantage of.

Tests, Tests and More Tests!

Some students decide to post-pone their Spring exam until May, thinking it’ll allow more time for prep. But May also brings with it the beginning of finals, options for SAT Subject Tests, and most importantly, AP Exams. It is important not to overload yourself and get overwhelmed by test anxiety. Kicking off your SAT strategy in March allows you to stay focused on one exam at a time.

The more times you do something, the easier it is. That’s why there’s no drawback — and only upsides — to taking the SAT in March and seeing where you end up.

Need some help getting ready? Check out some of our recent articles with great test taking strategies, and then be sure to reach out to one of our tutors for your test prep.


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