Motivating Your Students for the Finish Line

student motivationStudent success isn’t always a simple or straightforward process. Multiple learning styles, locations and content make one-size-fits all learning nearly impossible. There are many hurdles that prevent students from learning and succeeding in their education. According to eLearning Industry’s article “The Top 5 Common eLearning Challenges and How to Overcome Them”, one of the biggest roadblocks to learning is a lack of motivation among students.

Lack of student motivation is a common roadblock that teachers and faculties face at various institutions. Lack of motivation among online learners can come from lack of interest in the subject matter, or they may not be enthusiastic about the content being taught. When students aren’t motivated, it hinders their overall learning experience and prevents them from absorbing material.

So how can you get students at your institution motivated? Start by making your material relevant and interesting for your students. Applying coursework to real-life situations helps students relate what they are learning to their own lives and situations. Also, using innovative technology can  help students learn and retain information more efficiently . Interactive diagrams, videos and presentations are all ways to keep material interesting for your students. Once a student is satisfied and  interested in what’s being taught, they are much more likely to be motivated to succeed.

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