Nine Manageable Ways to Conquer Midterms

Are you in the throes of midterms right now? Perhaps rejoicing at a job well done or fretting that there is some major ground to make up? Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up nine simple strategies for beating Midterm Mania.

  1. midtermsTalk to the teacher: This should be your first stop. Is there a review packet coming your way? Will the exam feature material from the whole grading period, or just the most recent material? What is the format of the test? What study suggestions do they have? How many points is it worth? What suggestions do they have for upping your grade; i.e. can you redo work or turn in extra credit? You’d think teachers would be forthcoming with this input, but sometimes the more questions you ask, the more insight you get.
  2. Make a schedule: Have you checked out our productivity suggestions? We’re big fans of the Pomodoro Method, which will allow you to schedule your evening quickly and effectively. This is crunch time so remember that even though it seems as though you’re doing nothing but studying, the end is in sight.
  3. Review your notes and tests: Usually this is one of the most effective ways to study, in conjunction with your study packet. It’s also a great time to assess the quality of your notes – and vow to change your ways, if they’re not as stellar as they could be. Ditto your tests and overall organization. Trying to find what you need for the final can be a telling sign if you need to institute some better organization strategies going forward.
  4. Partner up: Got a buddy who’s a note-taking whiz? See if you can form a study group. But don’t be a sponge – maybe you can help by transferring her notes into a flash card format, or take on another part of a group project. If the study packet is particularly dense, dividing and conquering can help all of you get down to studying that much faster. Although, don’t shortchange yourself – sometimes the packet completion itself can be the valuable review you need.
  5. Get some help: Been wishing you had your own personal study assistant? Well, you do! Connect to one of com’s subject matter experts to give your grade that extra boost. They can help with tricky concepts or overall study skills – whatever you need 24/7.
  6. Mix it up: Bored of your own notes and handwriting? Mix it up by checking out some of these apps that provide a host of study aids, or these games that make review seem fun.
  7. Blow off some steam: No matter how hard you’re working, don’t forget to take breaks. Use this time to listen to some tunes, take an exercise break, check your tech or munch on some brain food.
  8. Get some sleep. No matter how worried you are about your upcoming exam, a good night’s sleep is key to your success. Focus on a sleep routine that will help you drift off and reap the benefits of a fresh perspective the next morning.
  9. Curb your anxiety. Test anxiety is real, and it can throw a wrench into the best laid plans. Check out this post for some pointers on taming the anxiety monster and doing the best you can.

Whether it’s your first or last experience with midterms, the process is the same – a smart plan, focused studying and a calm morning are your best plan of attack to ace the test!

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