Stress Relief Games for Teens – and Parents Too!

stress relief gamesOh December, you crazy, amazing month. Sure, it’s the “most wonderful time of the year,” but when you combine studying for finals, college applications and planning for next semester, then add in schedule stretchers like shopping and parties, you can end up with enough stress to make you burst.

Most parents are feeling the pressure this time of year too, so why not take a break and play a stress-busting game? Here are six we love that are particularly perfect for this season!

  • MadLibs: This silly word game never gets old. Is your teen studying a foreign language? Try playing with vocabulary words for an extra bit of studying help. Just grab a story off the internet, remove words and you’re ready to play!
  • Name that Tune: Whether you decide to use holiday classics or Top 40 faves, channel your inner Bing Crosby or Katy Perry to hum a few bars and make everyone else guess. Once you’ve had your song fix, make sure your teen turns off the music when they get back to studying.
  • Twister: Let this game (not your stress) tie you in knots. Don’t have the official board game? No problem! It’s easy enough to grab any spinner and some different colored squares of paper to create a makeshift game.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Break out the video game console and then break out your best moves. If you don’t own DDR, free style it.
  • Celebrity: Give the rest of the gang clues and see if they can guess who you’re thinking of. Use the names of celebs, sports figures, teachers, historical figures or neighbors — the definition of celebrity can be as wide or narrow as you choose.
  • Two Lies and a Truth: Think you know your kids or they know you? It might ease their stress a little to learn that you failed a test once – and survived! Sharing stories of your own past without launching into a big lecture or ‘back in the day’ scenario is a great way to connect and help them put today’s looming deadline into perspective.

Being silly and active are two of the best ways to relieve stress during a study break. Whether you’re playing a “real” game, shooting hoops or holding an impromptu dance party, stress relief games can clear your mind and give a fresh outlook.

We’d love to hear what stress relief games work for your family. Let us know on our Facebook page!

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