Making the Most of Holiday Time as a Family

holiday timeThe holidays bring out the kid in all of us – even when your kids can hardly be considered “kids” anymore. And in lots of ways, the holiday time is easier these days. You don’t have to move that crazy Elf off his shelf; bribe anyone to smile for the holiday card; wait in line to see Santa; or explain, again, how to play the dreidel game.

The holiday season has a way of putting a fine point on how fast time is passing. So this year, slow down and really enjoy holiday time as a family. Here are eight awesome activities to fit in this December.

  1. Get shopping – for each other. Mom and dad, it’s your turn to be off the hook for rounding up eight Hanukah presents or a stocking full of stuffers. If you have more than one kid, have them put together lists and shop for each other while you relax with a cappuccino at the food court. Or better yet, shop for yourself!
  2. Get shopping – for someone else. Miss comparing the merits of various Barbies or looking for just the right Lego set? You teen may be too old to be on the receiving end, but there are hundreds of kids who would love to have you fulfill their holiday dreams. Most malls and many libraries and schools have a giving tree, or check out com.
  3. Get greeting. How fun is it to make silly holiday greetings? Kids of all ages will laugh hysterically when they elf themselves. Or have your kids channel their inner Adam Sandler and make funny videos to send to friends and family.
  4. Get giving. There’s nothing like volunteering together to bring the family closer. Maybe you’d like to help wrap presents, ring a bell for the Salvation Army or serve food. The options in most towns are limitless. Check with local synagogues, churches and service organizations or visit org to find volunteer opportunities near you.
  5. Get baking. No kid will balk at the suggestion of a cookie baking session! Feeling super cheffy? Make extras for neighbors and friends or tackle a gingerbread house project.
  6. Get watching. No matter how old you are, the familiar holiday classics are timeless – think Rudolph and Frosty; or go more modern with Elf. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  7. Get glowing. Find the neighborhood or shopping center with the best lights and walk or drive around and get into the spirit.
  8. Get reminiscing. Want to recapture the holiday spirit of when they were young? Fire up the DVD player or haul out the photo albums and ‘remember when.’ If you have relatives visiting, encourage your kids to ask them to share some of their favorite holiday memories and stories.

Whatever your family likes to do, the holidays are a perfect time to make the extra effort to find time to just be together. And one of the best parts about the holidays now you can make new, fun, grown-up memories since your kids are old enough to actually remember!

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