An Argument for Family Breakfast

Family dinner is the “holy grail” of together time. Multiple studies have linked it to a variety of benefits including, better grades, less bullying, better mental health, more healthful eating, less chance of substance abuse and more.

family breakfastSo to say it’s not necessary for healthy family life seems blasphemous! And in fact, I’m not recommending you forgo the family meal. Rather, I’m suggesting a convenient alternative that I have been hearing more and more about: moving that together time to family breakfast.

The argument for family breakfast:
  • It can be really hard to nail down a time for everyone to gather for dinner with the daily juggle of homework, extracurriculars and your own work commitments.
  • The morning is an ideal time to discuss everyone’s schedules for the day and touch base on reminders about who needs to be picked up where and when.
  • That time can be used to set goals or even to do a quick study session.
  • Breakfast foods can be faster than dinner and just as healthy. Think smoothies, wraps or a protein-filled egg casserole.
  • A hearty breakfast has been linked to better focus and performance at school.
  • Let’s face it, when you’re exhausted at the end of the day dinner can feel like a chore.

As you plan your week, think about slotting in a family breakfast or two when you can reap the benefits of a meal together and getting your family’s day started on a positive note. That’s what I call a real Breakfast of Champions.

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