10 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Teen

thankfulAs parents, we sometimes complain about our teens: they can be sullen and self-centered and cheeky. But they’re also spirited and funny and creative!

Here are 10 reasons to be extra thankful for your teen on Thanksgiving –and all year!

  1. They can run your errands once they reach a certain age. Need more butter for the mashed potatoes on Thursday? No problem. Younger brother needs to be picked up at tennis practice? They’re on it!
  2. They keep you young (when they’re not aging you). Chances are good you probably wouldn’t listen to Top 40 if you didn’t have a teen. But you have to admit, that Meghan Trainor is pretty catchy.
  3. They’re really fun to talk to. Oh, the questions they used to ask! Why is air air? Why are my fingers different lengths? Dinner conversations are so much more interesting now that you can talk current events, pop culture and more with your teen.
  4. They like the same movies and TV shows you do. Remember the continuous loop of Bear in the Big Blue House or Zeke and Luther? Now the shows they like can be shows you like too. Whether you’re rooting on teams on Amazing Race or anxiously awaiting Pitch Perfect 2, you have so much more in common!
  5. They have to do their own school projects. No more staying up until midnight fashioning an explorer’s map or making an erupting volcano model. They’re on their own! And the math and English homework you used to help them labor over? You don’t have to help with that anymore either – and probably couldn’t even if you wanted to! (Thanks, Common Core!)
  6. Their extracurriculars are more exciting every day. Yep, they are out there REALLY playing soccer, as opposed to the amoeba of five-year-olds who would follow the ball up and down the field. And if they’re musicians, they are actually playing real music, not squeaking out the same eight notes over and over.
  7. They can keep in touch. Sometimes the best conversations can be had over text. You can check in just to say hi or text them a silly joke – much more subtle than a note in the lunchbox.
  8. Speaking of, they can make their own lunch. How exciting is delegating or sharing the lunch duties?!
  9. They can fix your tech woes. Teens can be the best IT department out there – when they’re not adding nefarious apps to their own devices!
  10. They know how to put on their shoes, buckle themselves into the car and get their own snack. Yep, they were awfully darn cute back in the day, but they were a lot of work too.

What would you add to this list of the simple pleasures of teenagers?


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