Shake Up Your Study Routine with Test Prep Games


If your teen has been studying until their eyeballs are ready to fall out, it’s time to shake it up with some fun.  Bring on the test prep games! Your kids may be a little jaded to flashcards or the quiz-style games you used to play, but here are some ways to liven them up.

Are You Smarter Than a 10th Grader?

Sorry, mom or dad, but I bet you’re not. No matter. Your child can feel superior as he quizzes you on earth science or geometry, and then maybe, just maybe, you can take him on Spanish or English literature. Really want to up the stakes? Play for chores. Loser does the dishes, takes out the trash, whatever you decide!

Text Me

Does your child only seem to respond to texts? If you have an unlimited texting plan, use the tech to your advantage and text her test prep questions as she’s riding the bus or waiting at the orthodontist. You both might learn something! Check out some resources here.

test prep gamesCard Shark

Does your child love to play solitaire or Uno? Give them a study break to play their favorite card game, but mix it up by putting sticky notes on the card with a vocabulary word, history fact, biology term or other information they’re supposed to be learning. Repetitive exposure to any concept helps cement it in your brain.

Study Buddies

Encourage your child to host a study group and offer to be the moderator — and snack provider! Break the group into teams and pit them against each other.

There’s an App for That

Has your teen checked out the homework app suggestions we rounded up? Let them quiz themselves with Quizlet or StudyBlue.

Bonus Round

And if you’re really cool: Check out what this high school football announcer did to help reinforce vocab words – not a bad strategy to try at your own dinner or breakfast conversation. Extra dessert for correct definitions.

Don’t forget, though, that if stress sets in, and studying is no longer a game, our professional tutors are available 24/7 to help your teen with any subject they need – the extra boost they may need for a winning game plan.

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