Finding a Tutor For Your Kid – Eight Questions To Ask

finding a tutorThinking about a tutor for your child? You’re not alone! In fact, 30% of kids seek help from a professional tutor at some point in their high school career. There are lots of places to find a tutor — from a fellow student, to another parent, to a tutoring service to, of course!

We share the eight questions to ask a tutor to help find the one that’s right for your family.

1. Do they have experience tutoring in this subject?

Not everyone who is great at math would be a great math tutor. That’s why turning to the smartest kid on the block may not be the right answer. And, it’s also why seeking a general interest tutor may not solve your problem.

2. Do they have experience at this level?

A tutor who might have been really helpful for a middle school child might not be ready to tackle more advanced scientific principles. Likewise, a high school tutor might go right over the head of a middle schooler working on Algebra.

3. Are they familiar with current classroom teaching methods?

As we all know, things have changed since we were in school. And with the new Common Core standards, learning targets and styles continue to evolve. You need to make sure that your tutor is up on the changes in classroom styles and can incorporate new benchmarks into their repertoire.

4. Are they a personality match?

A quiet, bookish tutor may be daunting to a more active kid – and vice versa! Likewise, someone with a strong personality may inhibit a shyer child from asking enough questions to really master a concept.

5. Do you need to book recurring sessions or can you get help just when you need it?

Many kids benefit from regular sessions, but others don’t need that much assistance and might balk at having to fit a recurring session into an already-packed schedule. Knowing that you can access a tutor just when an assignment is particularly challenging can be helpful.

6. Are they available for last-minute assistance?

Furthermore, even if you have a regular session booked, it doesn’t always coincide with an especially difficult project or a looming test. Having last-minute, on-call availability can be really important to your child’s grade – and a restful night of sleep!

7. Are they convenient?

Logistics matter. Sometimes it’s just not possible to get your child across town in busy traffic at dinner; or you might find that their regular appointment now interferes with winter play practice.

8. Are they affordable?

Tutoring rates can vary widely and they can easily add up, especially if you are locked into a regular appointment that you don’t need! Accessing tutoring services on an a la carte basis can be a real budget helper.

Lots of questions…and at we think we might have the answer:

Finding the perfect match between your child and a prospective tutor can be challenging – especially if time and choices are limited where you live. That’s why we at are exceedingly proud of the 24-7 services we offer.

  • Drawing from our extensive pool of professionals, we are able to match our tutors specifically to your needs every time.
  • Our tutor network includes certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and professionals with master’s degrees, Ph.D.s and Ivy League credentials.
  • Every tutor is vetted through a rigorous screening process with subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review and third-party background checks.
  • At we specialize in ensuring our tutors are up on the latest teaching techniques, so they can get through that Common Core math problem.
  • And of course, they are ready when you are. With 24/7 access your child can get help whether it’s for one last pesky problem – or an entire assignment.

A tutor can make the difference between an ok grade and a great grade, between passing a test and acing it. Finding a tutor that meets your family’s needs can help make homework struggles and test anxiety a thing of the past!

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