Mentor of the Month: Jennifer W.

Our Mentor of the Month, Jennifer W. has been a mentor with us for 10 years and a senior mentor for almost 9 years. When Jennifer first started with, there were barely 100 tutors working with us!  Read more about Jennifer below:

Jennifer WWhat keeps you at

Simply, the wonderful people I work with, whether they are students, tutors, mentors, or managers. I don’t think a person could find a better “team” work environment anywhere else.

Tell us a little about yourself.

In between my mentoring and senior mentoring duties, I spend a lot of time being a typical mom, running my kids, Peyton (Go Broncos!) and Taylor, to and from school, sports, church activities, and music lessons. Although the kids are a year apart, they are taking all the same classes since they are in a multi-age classroom in their junior high school. They have some tough classes this year so they take every opportunity they can to check their homework on, which I’m thankful our local library system provides for free to all students in the county.

What’s your best homework or study tip?

The biggest advice I give my kids and students this year is to do a little bit each night to avoid cramming the night before or the day of a big test or a due assignment. I wish I could say my kids follow that advice all the time.


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