Summer’s Last Blast – 10 Things to Pack into the Labor Day Weekend

There’s no doubt summer is winding down – the sun is setting earlier, and your Facebook feed has started to become clogged with posts about cozy sweaters, soup and pumpkin spice lattes.labor day weekend

But it’s not September yet! Even if you have already started school, Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to remind yourself that it’s still August and you have one more awesome summer weekend.

Here are 10 things we’ll be doing. Why don’t you?

  1. Have ice cream for dinner. Bonus points if you ride to the local shop.
  2. Ask your kids what one thing you didn’t do this summer, and do it today!
  3. Spend the day at a local pool, river or lake. Don’t have one nearby? Road trip! It will be SOOO worth it!
  4. Host an old-fashioned block party. Invite all the neighbors to bring their favorite summer recipe and beverage, and tales of their summer vacation.
  5. Go to a farmers’ market and snap up the end of the berries, tomatoes and watermelon.
  6. Wear white. And more white. And just a little more white.
  7. Let your child invite a few friends over for one last sleepover before their lives get hectic with activities and school work. Feeling adventurous? Make it a campout!
  8. BBQ your favorite summer staples, and sit down with your kids to make a list of what they loved the most this summer and what they hope to do next summer. Put the list on the fridge to revisit during those upcoming dark rainy days.
  9. Have a dance party featuring all your “favorite songs of summer.” Need some ideas? Mine will definitely have Ariana Grande, Five Seconds of Summer, Meghan Trainor and Magic! (Hint: why not blast this throughout the house to wake them up on the first day of school?!).
  10. Make s’mores, one last time.

And that’s it! Summer 2014 is officially in the books and the Best School Year Ever is set to begin!

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