Test Preparation: 5 Tips to Help You Do Better on Tests

do better on tests

The first week jitters are over, but now you have homework and your test schedule.  And a test schedule means studying.   Don’t stress—we’ve got five test-taking tips that will keep you up to speed. And don’t forget about our tutors. They’re there to help you study, 24/7 in just about every subject including algebra and essay writing.

1. Rest up.

Don’t cram into the wee hours of the morning; a good night’s sleep will leave you with a sharper mind. Try this relaxation tip: Lie down and tense, then relax, the muscles of your body starting with your feet and slowly working up to your head. By the time you finish, you’ll feel calm and ready for a restful night of zzz’s.

2. Eat breakfast.

Brain-boosting meals like yogurt mixed with granola and blueberries or scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice will give you energy and you won’t be distracted by a growling stomach. Be careful not to eat a heavy meal, as it could make you groggy, and zap your focus.

3. Get comfortable.

Wear non-restrictive clothing, use the bathroom before the testing starts and bring a bottle of water, if allowed. That way you’ll be able to keep your distractions to a minimum.

4. Once the test begins, remember to manage your time.

If you don’t know the answer to a question, skip it and save it for later. You can go back to your skipped questions once you’re done answering the ones you do know. Bonus Tip: On college board exams, find out which tests penalize you for guessing and which don’t.

5. Outline your essays.

Take a moment to consider what you want your essay to say before you start writing. Jot down some of your key points if you can—your test will read better and you won’t waste time crossing things out. Then take a deep breath to clear your head and begin.


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