School Organization Tips for Every Personality

Which Organizing Personality Best Describes You?

Everyone organizes themselves a little differently – and not every system works for every student.  Here’s the types of organizing personalities we see and  for parents we have added  school organization tips that will help you keep track of your child’s work during back-to-school and beyond!

The  Separator: Each class has its own notebook, folders for hand-outs and papers and then a separate book for study desk DIYhomework assignments. Topping it all off? A calendar to keep it all on track. This system is best for students who really need to be able to focus on one task at time, and know exactly where to look to see what has to be done next. Parent Tip:  Create an online family calendar and sync your child’s schedule so you know when big projects are looming or when choir practice will conflict with a family outing.  We love Cozi!

The Collector: It can be a big five-subject spiral notebook with a section for each class or a binder with subject dividers – but this kind of student likes to keep everything in one place and at his or her fingertips. Parent Tip: Help your child create a homework work space with inspiration from the these study zone ideas.

The Color Coder: This student never met a highlighter he or she didn’t like! Notes and passages are set apart in different colors; and sometimes they may even use different colored pens for each subject. They may even have a corresponding color folder, sticker or notebook to go with the notes.  Parent Tip: Take advantage of back-to-school sales to stock up on your child’s favorite colored pens, sticky notes or have a DIY night with your child and use colored duct tape to make bland school supplies fun!

The Techie: You won’t find this student with any pen and paper. This student most likely has a netbook or laptop to take notes, and may rely on a few different electronic methods to keep organized. There are lots of apps to help tech-focused students stay on top of assignments, including the iPhone App . Parent Tip: Surprise your child with a budget-friendly tablet.  Just make sure your school district allows kids to BYOD (bring your own device).

The One Without A System: Some students haven’t really thought out their organizational plan of attack and tend to go with the flow. The danger is this is that assignments and due dates can either get lost or fall through the cracks. Not having a system can make procrastination easy, and makes late-night cram sessions a much higher possibility. Parent Tip:  Help your child get organized!  Our best advice is to at a minimum get your child to keep track of assignments in a notebook or planner.  Help them get homework done by setting aside a specific homework time and place and stick to it.

Have another great school organization tip?  Share it with us!

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