Kristy Albright Joins

We are excited to welcome Kristy Albright to the for Military Families team as a part-time Outreach Coordinator in Ansbach, Germany!

Kristy AlbrightThe move to Europe has been recent, with Kristy’s husband recently transitioning into Army Aviation.

Germany is truly a unique place, where weekend trips can transport you to medieval villages, cities re-built over centuries and some of the most beautiful National Parks on the planet. Kristy, her husband and their dog spend most of their free time hiking the unique Bavarian landscapes and trying different regional food and beer.

Kristy graduated from the University of Florida in 2008, and has been working in the zoological and animal health field for many years. However, during her own transition into military life, she has discovered a new passion for working with and helping other military families. She recognizes that moving children during the school year and having them adjust to different curriculums is difficult, but it is even harder when your resources are limited and the language barrier is a constant headache. Kristy is eager to share her experiences with transitioning into military life and the German culture, and help spread the word about’s amazing program available to the military community.

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