Avoid “Big Change” Pitfalls for Back to School

The air is crisp, your pencils are sharpened, and you’ve laid out your outfits for the first two weeks. School is back in session, and visions of organized binders and on-time assignments are dancing in your head. “This year is going to be different,” you say.

Fast forward three months, and you’ve been going to school in the same hoodie and ripped jeans for four days, handing in smudged homework one week late.

What happened?

It’s the same problem people who make big New Year’s resolutions face. You have lots of big ideas for change, but no concrete steps to address how to get there. The trick? Be specific about how you’re going to change.

Instead of “I’m going to get straight A’s”
Use “I am going to set aside time to study and re-write my notes every night. When I don’t understand something, I will ask for help.”

Instead of “I’m going to dress nicer”
Use “I’m going to lay out my outfits the night before”

Instead of “My assignments will all be early!”
Use “I’m going to write down when my assignments are due and set a reminder email or note a week ahead of deadline.”

Instead of “I’m going to make the team!”
Use “I’m going to schedule time to practice every morning and find a training buddy to keep me accountable.”

Clear, actionable plans will help you make the big changes you are planning.

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