Five Signs Your Child Would Benefit from Summer Tutoring

Though our kids like to think they should have the luxury of shutting off their brains during the summer, parents know that is a huge mistake. And while some kids can keep their skills sharp enough by playing some math-related computer games and tackling a reading list, there are many students who need an extra level of support.

Here are five signs that your child would benefit from summer tutoring:

1. They are disappointed with their grades. You’ve seen your child put focus and effort into a given subject – and still come up short. This means they may have not truly learned the material and success for next year’s curriculum depends on this pre-requisite knowledtutoringge.

2. They are frustrated with school. Sure, everyone has spring fever, but if your child had an ongoing pattern of frustration, especially in a specific subject, they may benefit from working with a tutor on their specific problems one-on-one so that they know the concepts when school is back in session.

3. They dread what’s coming next year. Maybe they did well enough in math, but they know that AP Calculus is going to be even more challenging and they are already worried about their workload. A tutor can review last year’s key concepts and introduce a few new ones so they begin the year with confidence.

4. They are applying to college. Some kids may be facing a several AP classes, the SAT and need to begin college applications. Can you spell S..T..R..E..S..S? Working with a tutor over the summer to prep for the SATs and have a college essay reviewed will make the fall much more manageable.

5. They are in a “transition phase.” Whether your child is moving from elementary school to middle school, or middle school to high school, their coursework is liable to take a huge leap too. These transitional years are known to be difficult and a great tutor can make it easier by working on study skills and time management as well as curriculum concepts.’s tutors, many of them teachers, know how to keep kids engaged and learning even during the hot months. You’ll know that your child is getting expert help from professionals who have been vetted through an extensive screening, certification and background-check process.

We can set you up on the schedule that best suits your availability whether it’s weekly or every other week; before camp or after. And every session takes place right from your own home – no chauffeur required. We hear from parents that one of the best byproducts of regular sessions at is that students feel confident and prepared for the next school year.

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